Thanks to Voiceprint, an even safer and easier hotline experience
At the Swisscom hotline, customers and call agents sometimes exchange sensitive information such as invoices, password, contract amendment, customer details etc. This currently requires a time-intensive identity check based on security questions. Thanks to Voiceprint, it is no longer necessary to answer these questions in the future. From the second call, the customer is automatically authenticated quickly and reliably on the basis of his voice imprint.
What is a voiceprint?
A voiceprint is a file that contains the characteristics of a voice, such as frequency, volume, voice, etc. However, no conversation contents or parts thereof are recorded. With a voiceprint, the identity of a person can be authenticated with more than 99 percent security. In addition, the identification takes place on the basis of data that can not be acquired with fraudulent intent. This can also be a means against so-called social engineering attacks. In such attacks, fraudsters act as customers and try to reach sensitive data.

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